You’ve got the Customer Journey all Wrong

The customer journey is a valuable tool, but only if you’re using it right. The truth is, popular illustrations of what a typical customer journey looks like are totally inaccurate. They’re not linear, they don’t always progress forward, and you don’t often encounter a lead that discovers you at the first stage in their buying process.

In short, it’s all wrong.

But an accurate customer journey is a crucial tool for building an effective digital marketing strategy, so how should you approach it instead? Behavioural data from existing customers provides relevant insight into what real journeys look like. Gleaning common transition points from this data will allow you to base marketing decisions on winnable moments. Identifying these moments of truth and catering to them with your marketing efforts is the best way to map a customer journey.

What can this give you? More than a map. A business case and a blueprint to move forward in the business, that give clarity and confidence.

Learn about the Top 5 mistakes made with Customer Journey Design so you can start planning your marketing strategy the right way.

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