Why Customer Engagement Matters

If your marketing is failing or faltering, it’s likely you are not tracking customer engagement…or not in a way that matters. We all know today’s customers expect personalised marketing. The only way you’re going to meet that expectation is by monitoring customer engagement. Through identifying behavioural insights, you’ll recognise opportunities for automated marketing campaigns and new content creation. Acting on these opportunities will fuel the relevance of your marketing efforts and, by default, the revenue will follow.

You should track customer engagement to accomplish two main goals:

  1. Target the right types of customers, and
  2. Give them the content resources they need to progress through the buying cycle.

The concept is simple, but knowing what to look for and how to set up the technology to pull this off can be challenging.

Click here to learn about monitoring customer engagement, including how to recognise the right types of target customers and how to determine if your content is resonating with them. This guide covers 6 key steps to successfully monitor customer engagement so you can be confident you’ve got the right approach.

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