Users of Marketing Technology! How do you compare?

TechMap Marketing Technology Study – WHY MARKETING TECHNOLOGY MATTERS

Today in partnership with ADMA we are proud to release the findings of the 2016 TechMap Research into Marketing Technologies.

Watch a Preview of the Qualitative Interviews

This follows on from the study we launched with ADMA last year – the 2015 State of Play Report into Marketing Automation.

What was interesting last year was that a very high proportion of both actual users and those considering using marketing automation technology weren’t clear on why they needed it or what they wanted to achieve with it.

Whilst that was quite a disturbing insight, this year we wanted to spread the scope of the research across over 26 marketing technology categories and try to understand the perception, understanding, use, benefits and internal relationships of individuals and organisations who utilise marketing technologies across Australasia.

In such a dynamic industry, it’s unsurprising that there is a high level of passion for Marketing Technologies:

  • 79% agree that they are ‘really passionate about marketing technology”,  and of those activiely intending changes to their marketing technology 88% agree that they are really passionate.

But something does not add up!

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What is going on?

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Is it any wonder that proponents of marketing technology struggle to get senior management to support initiatives around the technologies?

One would hope that satisfaction is largely determined by the results. To find out if this is the case, get your copy of the 2016 TechMap Research Reportan interactive report with expert commentary and detailed analysis.

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