Use Customer Experience to Elevate your Organisation Above Competition

You can be an amazing marketer doing a great job driving traffic to your website or generating new leads for the sales team, but even the best marketers can be derailed by poor customer experience issues. The problem is, most marketing funnels involve the customer visiting your website at some point. For inbound marketing to work properly, there should be plenty of content and resources for that customer to find upon visiting your site, and those will be used to convince the lead to progress through the buying cycle until they commit to purchasing. Unfortunately, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and customer experience is often lacking.

Customer experience management software was created to offer insight into consumer struggle points. These insights help identify crucial conversion hurdles which used to go unnoticed but can now be resolved. This software can expose everything from serious code glitches to areas of your website that could use a little optimisation, which means it is essentially a real-time, ongoing source for constant improvement ideas.

Most user experience issues are born from confusion or inconvenience, so your goal as a marketer is to avoid both those things. You always want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to get to the next step. Struggle points are toxic to conversions and inhibit the buying journey, they can include a myriad of brand elements, from web pages that aren’t optimised for mobile to websites with content that isn’t searchable. The only way to identify where customers are getting lost is to track their behaviour with customer experience management software that can reveal how many people are being affected so you can address the problem.

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