The top 3 ways marketing automation contributes directly to business growth

When you’re considering a software upgrade or switch, there always needs to be a compelling reason to justify the investment. What better way to highlight the benefits of marketing automation software than to explain how it contributes to growth? Marketing automation software, whether approached with existing expertise in email marketing or without it, has many growth-oriented attributes to offer. The following are the top 3 ways this software contributes directly to business growth.

1. Higher quality leads

Marketing automation was originally designed to help facilitate lead management. As a result, many of the advanced features and integrations are catered to this specific need. While using the software to run campaigns and nurture leads will lead to an increase in the quantity of leads in the longterm, the true benefit of the software lies in its ability to filter leads automatically. This makes it possible to efficiently and easily recognise and prioritise your highest quality leads. Because marketing automation enables behavioural tracking, leads can be automatically monitored at all times. Lead scoring assigns values to each lead, and certain behaviours change a lead’s likelihood to close, so those behaviours will automatically update a lead score and can even be programmed to create a real-time alert. This makes following up with leads at critical decision points manageable and more effective.

In addition, by shifting to an inbound marketing approach and creating content that is tailored for specific buyer personas that represent high quality lead profiles, more of the leads that come into your funnel will be high quality to begin with. Content can be set up to change dynamically based on the known information about each prospect. If a decision maker visits your website, they can be shown a different whitepaper than a mid-level marketing employee is shown. Various landing pages can be set up which cater to specific, high quality prospect types. Any visitors can be enrolled automatically in a nurture campaign designed to provide additional informative content. Lastly, through advanced nurture campaigns, it is possible to gradually but efficiently incentivise progression through the buying cycle, generating higher-quality leads over time that, without this software, could otherwise be lost or forgotten about in the short-term.

2. Constant, automated monitoring of leads

I touched on this above, but the platform is running all the time, so leads can be automatically tracked around the clock. The software has you covered for nights, weekends and faraway time zones, enabling a level of responsiveness and insight generation that couldn’t exist otherwise. This means that the type of information offered to a lead who has changed their interest level can be handled automatically at any time. It also means a lead who is showing signs of making a purchase decision can be followed up with when it’s best for them- prioritising urgent needs through alerts and enabling a higher close rate by leveraging the strengths of the software.

3. Behaviour-based triggers

One of the primary advantages of marketing automation software over any other existing technologies is its ability to track behaviour. This creates myriad opportunities, including behavioural triggers for marketing tasks like campaign enrolment, lead score updates, a change in specific messaging, social media interaction, CRM system profile updates, etc. All of these capabilities are dependent on the unique ability to monitor online behaviour (anonymous or otherwise) via marketing automation software. The novelty and utility of this cannot be overemphasised. By relying on insights gleaned from buyer behaviour, you are more likely to be relevant to each individual. People who perceive messaging as being more relevant to them are more likely to trust your organisation and purchase from it.

Marketing automation software can be a huge growth catalyst for companies that use it properly. The unique features offered within the software platform combined with their advanced capabilities creates a recipe for success that is simply dependent on a successful implementation and ongoing development. If you’re looking to meet a quantitative goal, improve lead flow, increase revenue or build your organization, then investing in marketing automation is the right move. Contact us today if you need some guidance on automating your marketing.

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