So what, who cares – the search for the ideal marketing technology solution.

When thinking about improving the digital marketing for your business, research tells us that most marketers will consider a number of crucial topics during their decision making stages – sourcing and reviewing applicable software solutions, gathering best practices, and sorting through implementation case studies/examples. Unfortunately, much of the content is focused on comparing unique features and benefits, reading how global organisations are using the technology, and sifting through the results of using the technology on leads/sales/customer experience etc. So what, who cares?

So what – if this technology has this special feature. So what – if I must introduce this business critical technology into my business now. Who cares that 70% of marketers are having challenges with marketing automation? How does this impact on me?

If you have also thought this, I’d say that this is a good thing. It’s easy to start with the technology and possibly even get excited by it’s features or it’s user-friendly dashboard. But, identifying why your business should be investing its money, time and strategic focus is significantly more important. It pretty much underpins the entire investment and approach to your customers.

At a recent ADMA event, I presented on the results of the 2015 Marketing Technology State of Play Study and this point came through loud and clear – forget the technology, be clear on the needs of your organisation. The technology solution is but one cog in the ‘customer machine’.

The research indicated that users and considerers of marketing automation technology all seem to struggle with three things regardless of how long they have been using or considering the technology:

  • budget
  • resources and skills
  • not being clear on needs/strategy

For many of you, it’s the end of the financial year and you’ve probably spent the last few months reviewing your marketing and business objectives, metrics, and then matching the performance of each, and then reporting back to management. I bet you’ve had a few moments of clarity where you realised that some of your campaigns/tactics missed the mark due to poor or rushed planning. Hopefully, you’ve also had a few campaigns that you’re really proud of where you focused on customer insights and these helped you craft the communications and call-to-actions. What lessons have you taken from this?

So, moving forward, what is your path to continuous improvement? How can technology assist? If you’d like to discuss how our growth series can help articulate and execute on your strategy – we can help.

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