Pitfalls of incomplete marketing team skillsets

Marketing automation is a transformative technology and can greatly improve organisational results. However, what transforms a business is actually the strategy, execution, skills and capability underpinning the technology. If your marketing team does not rise to meet the challenge there can be numerous negative impacts for the organisation. These can include the obvious impacts such as wasted resources, inefficient processes, inability to capitalise on data insights and unfocused messaging. The less obvious, but equally important impacts can include increased unsubscribes, reduced customer experience, and an overall reduction in innovative technology adoption.

If your organisation is missing critical skills within its team, it is not alone.

  • Sirius Decisions found that 85% of B2B marketers using marketing automation platforms in 2014 felt that they’re not using them to their full potential. (1)
  • According to Aberdeen Group, a lack of mature marketing practices or processes is the number one reason for not implementing a marketing automation platform. This was indicated by the 45% of companies surveyed that indicated they were not currently using a MAP. (2)

Focus on building a gun marketing automation team Marketing automation software was built to increase efficiency, not to eliminate talent. While it’s likely you will find roles that need filling, much of the knowledge needed should already exist within your current team or adjacent teams. If that is not the case for your team then this can be achieved by working with marketing technology consultants to build in that critical expertise. It’s marketing smarter, not reinventing the wheel. For those skills that are harder to find, many organisations hold training programs for their existing teams or hire freelancers, agencies or contract employees with campaign management or marketing automation software expertise to help them fill any skill gaps within their own teams. Whichever way your team gets built, you’ll need certain skillsets to leverage the full power of marketing automation software successfully.


(1) SiriusDecisions “Increasing Adoption of Marketing Automation Platforms” (2014)

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