How to Harness Analytics for Strategic Marketing Growth

Customer data shouldn’t be siloed any more than your marketing team should be. Modern marketing is encompassed by easily accessible, interconnected information which can be used to develop and improve strategic approaches. Unfortunately, not all digital marketing software is created equal, so it’s important to find a platform without siloed data that is able to leverage its network of information across all channels. By tapping into multiple viewpoints on each customer and segment, you can reveal strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to find.

IBM’s Journey Analytics is a tool designed to tap into those multiple viewpoints, with a simple user interface that makes identifying important trends quick and easy. With it, key customers (repeat buyers, high value purchasers, etc.) can be examined for commonalities amongst the channels and content they interacted with. This is exactly the type of capability you need to be able to utilise the analytics of customers and marketing efforts regularly and efficiently.

With a multichannel vantage point on your customers, you can identify crucially important things like where to invest for the highest revenue impact or what type of customer journey is typical for an underperforming segment. Through examining noteworthy customer profiles, better user experiences can be developed. Content gaps can be addressed through examining what is working and what isn’t. Highly effective messaging can be identified while poor performing content can get remedied as each point of interaction gets attributed to specific sales. You can then use these insights to craft a marketing plan that is tailored to your organisations current situation. Thus, you can prepare for a stronger future position. Eventually, marketing efforts can be modified so they help shorten the buying cycle with carefully optimised timing and hyper relevant content.

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