Mobile Push Notifications – Disruptive or Hyper Relevant?

Mobile push notifications are a channel with some unique challenges and opportunities. Approach it with the right strategy and you could cash in on an underutilised communication method. Try the wrong strategy and you could easily offend your best potential customers.

Mobile push notifications can only be received by people who have downloaded your mobile app and opted into these messages. Anyone willing to reach the point where they can even receive them is likely a strong prospect, so marketers are responsible for respecting that and doing justice to the permission they are being given.

One key way to monetise mobile push notifications is by remembering to use it as part of a larger, omni-channel approach. Integrate data from all channels (including mobile app behaviour) to ensure you’ve got a consistent, real-time status on each customer; this ensures you don’t make a simple mistake like promoting a discount on something left in the shopping cart but purchased in store. It also helps you provide relevant messaging catered to the exact stage the buyer is in at any given moment in time, so you can influence progression and, eventually, a sale if you employ the right strategy. The immediacy of mobile notifications is a valuable asset, use it to take advantage of real-time behaviour, so you can react to specific actions with relevant responses and resources. Those types of automated behavioural triggers are what enable scalable, personalised marketing that works.

Mobile push notifications are only a smart channel to use if you understand how to do it right. Achieving the proper balance between creepy and helpful is the only way to show recipients your communication is valuable, not disruptive. If you’re struggling to find this balance don’t risk an uninstalled app, seek expert advice. Start by reading this guide to monetising mobile push the right way.

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