How email marketing helps the marketing team.

Why email works

Email is an effective way to communicate with customers because it’s permission-based. Everyone on an email marketing list has opted in to receiving email communication so it’s a voluntary form of communication instead of traditional interruption marketing. With the right type of relevant content, email marketing can be a powerful tool for communicating with leads in a scalable way.

As a marketer, you probably already know that there are three primary uses for email communications:

  1. maintain contact with leads
  2. stay in touch with previous or existing customers
  3. educate prospects

Email is less obtrusive than other forms of communication and it allows your team to personalise each message to a specific list or segment so it can be as relevant as possible. More importantly, email marketing can be a way to stay top of mind with leads who aren’t quite ready to close, retarget customers for a potential upsell opportunity and proactively provide the information prospects are looking for when considering their investment or comparing you to the competition.

Amplifying email with marketing automation technology

For marketers, when email marketing is used through a marketing automation platform (MAP), it gains a number of advanced capabilities and becomes a seamless part of a powerful digital marketing toolset.

Improved internal processes and governance

Aside from advancing email capabilities, the introduction of MAP into your marketing technology ecosystem can provide a much needed overhaul of your marketing processes and governance. With the ability to automate email campaigns and communications based on recipient actions (or non-actions) and behaviour, you can remove a number of manual steps and re-prioritise other steps.

Advanced email campaigns

Instead of simple drip emails, entire nurture campaigns can be built using marketing automation platforms.Nurture campaigns allow you to have branched emails, where a specific series of emails is sent out based on the varying behaviour of each lead. As an example, you could have the second email in a series sent to all the people who open the first email and a completely different email sent to all the people who didn’t open the original one.

Optimised use of data

In addition, emails can be automatically sent whenever a prospect meets specific criteria- demographically, psychographically or through their behaviour. Another advantage to email within a marketing automation platform is the collective data it contributes to. With marketing automation, email statistics can be stored and combined with social media engagement, content consumption and lead scoring for a comprehensive view of each prospect. Whether you send email through an email service provider or through a marketing automation platform, it is a powerful vehicle for communication and an effective marketing method. Email us today if you want to know more about how marketing automation can help your marketing team.

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