How campaign development differs with marketing automation software

A marketer’s life revolves around campaigns and target markets. Create a campaign to capture the right target market, develop a campaign to improve how we are perceived by this key group, run that campaign to convince some undecided buyers so we reach the quarter’s financial goals…

It’s all about campaigns.

Today there are so many different ways to reach a particular type of prospect. From social media to email to direct mail, the options for interacting with and communicating to a targeted group are more varied than ever, and yet the game has gotten more complicated and more precise. Customers are evolving too. Millennials have different expectations from other generations, and each buyer persona prefers a different method of communication.Marketers are tasked with determining the best way to reach each audience and it’s no easy task.

The challenge is to reach the right people at the right time with the right message via the right channels. It comes down to this: how do you cater to every individual’s preferences in a scalable way?

The answer is behavioural marketing.

Unfortunately, the traditional tools of the trade- email marketing platforms (EMPs), customer relationship management systems (CRMs), customer databases, etc. are all independent tools. Each is effective but when utilised separately it becomes difficult for collaborative use of the insights and abilities each provides. Harnessing their individual assets into one centralised location was something that wasn’t possible until marketing automation platforms (MAPs) came onto the scene. With the development of MAPs came the ability to track online behaviour, and with that came the ability to integrate those separate tools into one platform. With each tool, new integrated processes were developed. It became possible to create automated campaigns that responded to behavioural triggers based on the tracked actions of each individual.

Now behavioural marketing is possible and because it’s automated, it’s also scalable. This means that campaigns have also evolved to leverage these new abilities.

Email marketing abilities of MAP

The email marketing abilities within a MAP are vastly more powerful than those of a simple EMP. Email marketing platforms can send batches of emails at scheduled times to a specific list of addresses and they can track basic performance statistics. Email marketing within a marketing automation platform raises the bar by enabling additional, more powerful features like branching, ongoing qualification and automatic, criteria-based enrollment. Campaigns have become dynamic, responsive and more effective.

This also means that marketers can take a more long-term approach to campaign development. Ongoing campaigns can be set-up for specific target groups while more urgent or niche campaigns can be created periodically based on need. The balance is more efficient and a smarter use of resources.

One reason effectiveness is improved is because prospective customers can self-determine which messaging they receive. If they act one way, they can qualify for the campaign that best suits what their behaviour indicates they are interested in. With branching, this can be taken another level further so that someone who doesn’t even open any of the emails within the campaign they qualified for can be branched into a different set of emails, a separate campaign or even a new method of communication.

MAP allows you to respond at scale

The software makes it possible to respond to each person’s needs at scale because it’s all automated. Once a team of marketers develops and builds a campaign, it can be set up to run continually and what once would have involved several separate campaigns and lists can now be done in one fell swoop. With periodic checks for effectiveness and improvements, these campaigns free up creative time for optimising existing campaigns, developing new ones and reaching out to entirely different potential markets. Instead of predictive guessing about which segment a lead falls into, marketers can allow each lead to self-qualify. Truly a liberating paradigm shift. Contact us to discuss how we can help streamline your campaign development.

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