Honestly Evaluating your Lead Management Program

You’re practicing an inbound approach and you’re seeing an increase in lead flow, bravo! Now it’s time to take an honest look at your lead management strategy and recognise where it could be improved.

Most lead management programs that miss the mark do so because they aren’t focused enough on the customers themselves. It’s easy to think a lead management program is about making it easier for your organisation to handle a large number of prospects in a scalable way, but reversing that viewpoint is essential. Instead, focus first on the efficiencies you can create for your leads because that is where your lead flow comes from. Setup automated actions with highly personalised, behaviour-based triggers so you know each lead is interacting with your content in the most relevant way for their interests. Build segments that separate different categories of customers automatically to ensure the best messaging is being used for each target market.

Only after you’ve focused on these types of processes should you turn to the needs of your internal marketing and sales teams; from there you can create systems like lead scoring, alerts and analytics reports. Your scoring will be based on the types of content consumed and their level of urgency inferred through online behaviour. Scoring each lead will help your sales team prioritise the strongest leads. Alerts can ramp up the level of urgency to immediate, and get a salesperson’s attention when it matters most. Analytics reports can be customised so they are run at the right frequency and include the statistics you care about most. Through automating each of these elements, you will ensure your team is equipped for the level of lead flow you’ve prepared for with your customer-driven lead management practices.

Why is this prioritisation so critical? Because you need consistent lead flow before you can truly understand how to best meet customer needs. They should be the driving force behind the direction your lead management program takes.

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