Defining your customer machine

In this digital marketplace, many businesses grapple with how to equip themselves so they can confidently meet revenue and sales objectives as well as delivering the optimal customer experience. There are various approaches to aligning your teams and technologies to achieve this but what it comes down to is understanding that we all have a unique customer machine that needs building, tweaking, oiling, testing and re-starting. Once you have identified your ‘machine’, identified the components that need attention and the components that need overhauling, you will be on the way to delivering on the business vision and demonstrating tangible results.

Simplistically, your customer machine consists of five components that are all interrelated and require management in totality:

  1. Data optimisation
  2. Content
  3. Technology and automation
  4. People and process
  5. Customer engagement

These five components consist of behaviours and knowledge from within and outside your organsiation. In the marketing department of 2015, there are competing and conflicting demands, numerous technologies, multiple competencies and talent, plus a plethora of customer data and organisational information to consider. When crafting the ultimate customer strategy it is in many cases, a journey with a starting point defined by the most pressing or troublesome issue.

It is easy to lose sight of how to make the biggest impact when being pulled in various directions. It is important to recognise that no one aspect of the customer machine will deliver on your organisational objectives in isolation. Focus on preparing yourself for long term success by working on the machine’s foundations and that will help align you to the most important aspects.

To assist in making sense of your customer machine, we’ve developed a workshop to highlight some of the aspects to focus on – through a range of questions and exercises.

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