Checklist: digital marketing for mobile devices – how does your strategy measure up?

As the number of mobile users continues to grow, adopting a mobile-first approach needs to be a top priority. You need to plan for the unique characteristics of mobile users. Fortunately, there are a myriad of ways digital marketers can incorporate mobile strategy into their digital marketing plans.

We’ve put together a list so you can assess your digital marketing. How mobile is it? How could you build in new elements to become more mobile-friendly?

Mobile Marketing Checklist: which of the following do you currently use?

  • SMS
  • Responsive design, including:
    • Landing pages
    • Forms
    • Website
    • Emails
  • Geotargeting
  • Push notifications
  • Mobile application
  • Analytics that show if a lead is on a mobile device

Responsive design is broken down into several categories that include landing pages, forms, your website, and marketing emails. This is because it’s possible to have mobile-friendly design for only some of those. While an incremental or phased approach to responsive design might seem to make sense short-term, in the long-term it might hamper your mobile-marketing efforts. For example, if the CTA in your mobile-friendly email links to a landing page that is difficult to read or access on a mobile device you will confuse and likely lose many mobile customers.

On the other hand, adopting all of the above listed elements won’t make sense for every organisation. For example, not every company needs to have a mobile application, and geotargeting tends to work well in very specific instances. Instead, think of this list as a compilation of possibilities within digital marketing for mobile devices.

There is a whole spectrum of uses associated with each item on the list, and opportunities to use some are more abundant than others. Assess your own digital marketing efforts to find out where your mobile strategy is weak and how you can improve on those areas.

Taking a mobile-first approach to your marketing strategy not only ensures your messaging can reach mobile users; it offers new opportunities for communicating with an audience where relevance reigns supreme. If you would like some help with ticking off your mobile marketing checklist, contact us today.

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