Mobile Push Notifications – Disruptive or Hyper Relevant?

Mobile push notifications are a channel with some unique challenges and opportunities. Approach it with the right strategy and you could cash in on an underutilised communication method. Try the wrong strategy and you could easily offend your best potential customers.

Mobile push notifications can only be received by people who have downloaded your mobile app and opted into these messages. Anyone willing to reach the point where they can even receive them is likely a strong prospect, so marketers are responsible for respecting that and doing justice to the permission they are being given.

One key way to monetise mobile push notifications is by remembering to use it as part of a larger, omni-channel approach. Integrate data from all channels (including mobile app behaviour) to ensure you’ve got a consistent, real-time status on each customer; this ensures you don’t make a simple mistake like promoting a discount on something left in the shopping cart but purchased in store. It also helps you provide relevant messaging catered to the exact stage the buyer is in at any given moment in time, so you can influence progression and, eventually, a sale if you employ the right strategy. The immediacy of mobile notifications is a valuable asset, use it to take advantage of real-time behaviour, so you can react to specific actions with relevant responses and resources. Those types of automated behavioural triggers are what enable scalable, personalised marketing that works.

Mobile push notifications are only a smart channel to use if you understand how to do it right. Achieving the proper balance between creepy and helpful is the only way to show recipients your communication is valuable, not disruptive. If you’re struggling to find this balance don’t risk an uninstalled app, seek expert advice. Start by reading this guide to monetising mobile push the right way.

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Why Customer Engagement Matters

If your marketing is failing or faltering, it’s likely you are not tracking customer engagement…or not in a way that matters. We all know today’s customers expect personalised marketing. The only way you’re going to meet that expectation is by monitoring customer engagement. Through identifying behavioural insights, you’ll recognise opportunities for automated marketing campaigns and new content creation. Acting on these opportunities will fuel the relevance of your marketing efforts and, by default, the revenue will follow.

You should track customer engagement to accomplish two main goals:

  1. Target the right types of customers, and
  2. Give them the content resources they need to progress through the buying cycle.

The concept is simple, but knowing what to look for and how to set up the technology to pull this off can be challenging.

Click here to learn about monitoring customer engagement, including how to recognise the right types of target customers and how to determine if your content is resonating with them. This guide covers 6 key steps to successfully monitor customer engagement so you can be confident you’ve got the right approach.

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Using SMS Marketing in an Omni Channel Digital Marketing Approach

Every week we hear a bold new prediction of the death of a marketing channel. SMS has been named before and yet like most of these predictions that don’t come true, SMS is alive and in fact thriving. Why? Because SMS is extremely powerful used in the right context of a multi-channel approach. But with power comes increased responsibility brands must step up to.

In many ways SMS has some key similarities to email marketing (yes, email has been predicted as dead too and still living and thriving) – users opt-in and can unsubscribe. Unfortunately, like email, some marketers abuse the channel and spam people. If this continues the channel will eventually lose value, as people tune it out and learn to distrust SMS marketing. Instead of contributing to its devaluation, use it right. Leverage its immediacy and wide reach to get your message to the right people at the right time. With proper use, SMS can become a strong supplement to the other available channels in your marketing mix.

If you have a time-sensitive offer that you want to communicate to a wide audience, SMS is a great channel to use. People have to opt-in first though. Use the opt-in as an opportunity to set expectations that will improve how your messages are perceived before you’ve even sent any. By explaining how often you will text people and for what reasons, you’re building a sense of trust for future communication.

After you’ve gotten the opt-in, use SMS to supplement other digital marketing channels. With integrated data, behaviour anywhere can trigger responses via the most appropriate channel. “A simple follow up SMS asking “have you read our email?” can help increase email open rates by 20%–30%.”(1)

To learn more about how to employ SMS as part of an omni channel marketing strategy, read our guide about the 4 Powerful lessons with SMS Marketing you cannot afford to ignore.


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Avoid the 5 Most Dangerous Digital Marketing Mistakes

The most dangerous and costly digital marketing mistakes are the ones that have a trickle down effect and inhibit the effectiveness of other marketing efforts.

There are so many pitfalls when it comes to digital marketing considering the number of elements that can be involved; data, email marketing, mobile with SMS and mobile app push, online, social channels; people and process, budgets and of course we have to deal with customers where so much can go wrong. So what are the the most dangerous mistakes?

Where do we start? Does it start because the majority of consumers are accessing retail sites from multiple devices.(1) You’ve watched this trend become a norm so you know a mobile-first approach is the only way forward. You might already be implementing some mobile-friendly best practices. Consider this though: if you’re not tracking mobile users, you’re missing out on critical data and the data you are looking at is skewed. Is this the most dangerous?

Or maybe the most dangerous is because your email templates and website are technically responsive and resize for smaller screens, but your content is still too long causing a high bounce rate or a low amount of form completions.

In either case, with both of these you’re losing valuable prospects.

Hopefully you are marketing via social channels, but are you tracking social engagement with the right metrics? How do you know what you are doing is reaching the right people? Is the number of likes really equal to a higher close rate? You can do better. Explore avenues such as influencer marketing to not only reach the right people but also ensure they’re receptive to the message.

These are exactly the types of mistakes you can’t afford to make and they’re all too common. But are they the top 5 mistakes to avoid in Digital Marketing? To educate yourself about the 5 we consider to be the most dangerous of all, click here.


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Users of Marketing Technology! How do you compare?

TechMap Marketing Technology Study – WHY MARKETING TECHNOLOGY MATTERS

Today in partnership with ADMA we are proud to release the findings of the 2016 TechMap Research into Marketing Technologies.

Watch a Preview of the Qualitative Interviews

This follows on from the study we launched with ADMA last year – the 2015 State of Play Report into Marketing Automation.

What was interesting last year was that a very high proportion of both actual users and those considering using marketing automation technology weren’t clear on why they needed it or what they wanted to achieve with it.

Whilst that was quite a disturbing insight, this year we wanted to spread the scope of the research across over 26 marketing technology categories and try to understand the perception, understanding, use, benefits and internal relationships of individuals and organisations who utilise marketing technologies across Australasia.

In such a dynamic industry, it’s unsurprising that there is a high level of passion for Marketing Technologies:

  • 79% agree that they are ‘really passionate about marketing technology”,  and of those activiely intending changes to their marketing technology 88% agree that they are really passionate.

But something does not add up!

  • .

What is going on?

  • and  

Is it any wonder that proponents of marketing technology struggle to get senior management to support initiatives around the technologies?

One would hope that satisfaction is largely determined by the results. To find out if this is the case, get your copy of the 2016 TechMap Research Reportan interactive report with expert commentary and detailed analysis.

If you have any questions or require any help with these please contact us now.

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