Best mobile marketing tools and technologies to capitalise on

Marketing with a mobile-first approach is crucial to reaching the always-on customer, but doing so requires some powerful mobile marketing tools and technologies. We’ll examine the best mobile marketing tools you need below and explain why each is so important.

Marketing automation software

Marketing automation software makes mobile marketing possible. Mobile marketing requires responsive designs, the ability to interact via SMS and push notifications, and a way to analyse success with behavioural data. A marketing automation platform enables all of this and more, so it is absolutely essential for reaching the always-on customer. All the other technology tools will integrate with your marketing automation software so a strong platform is crucial. Choose an established platform with a global presence to ensure that this primary technology tool will be around for the long term as your business grows. We recommend and use IBM Silverpop.

Push notification technology

To send push notifications from your marketing automation software you will need to integrate a tool like IBM Xtify. This application integrates with your marketing automation platform, IBM Silverpop, and the integration makes it easy to communicate efficiently with mobile customers and improve your mobile marketing overall. “Marketers using precision mobile push notification functionality enjoy annual improvement (4.8%) in Return on Marketing Investments (ROMI) whereas peers not using precision notifications experience a rather substantial annual decline (14.6%) in this key metric.” (A) Push notifications can help improve buyer experiences, incentivise purchase behaviour and increase app effectiveness.

Diagnostic technology

When responsive templates are put into practice, unexpected difficulties can be encountered by your customers. Without some form of diagnostic technology to monitor your mobile marketing strategy, you might not become aware of these user experience issues until a serious drop in conversions occurs or a customer complains. For this reason, we recommend a user experience diagnostic tool like IBM Tealeaf. IBM Tealeaf integrates with our marketing automation software and helps reveal opportunities for an improved user experience by analysing user behaviour patterns.

Beacon technology

Beacon technology for mobile marketing uses location beacons to trigger signal-based communication and data gathering. Retail stores can trigger purchase incentives based on proximity to the store or a specific location inside, making it possible to promote highly relevant and timely offers to brick and mortar customers. This is a unique way to automatically merge data for a single customer with both online and offline interactions.

A mobile-first approach encompasses a lot more than sending a text or designing responsive templates. It entails making it easy for a customer base that is constantly online but also constantly multi-tasking and on-the-go to find the information they need and act on it. By accommodating their unique needs, your mobile marketing strategy will be relevant and effective but you need the right mobile marketing tools and technologies to realise this goal. If you would like help with identifying and integrating the right mobile marketing tools for your business contact us today.


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