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Tech Review: IBM Marketing Cloud v16.1 Round-up and Review

IBM Marketing Cloud v16.1 rolled out in Feb 16 and here is engage digital’s take on the latest release

I just reviewed the latest IBM Marketing Cloud release and I am excited about what I’ve seen. So much so I made a video to tell you what I really think about it. I’ve summarised the big wins, what to look out for and what these mean for you and your organisation.

Release v16.1 brings some fresh updates and a host of much awaited new functionality. Some are just downright ground breaking, others need a bit more development and others just hit the spot for now.

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engage digital win IBM Partner of the Year 2015

engage digital awarded the IBM Customer Engagement Solutions, Business Partner of the Year 2015 for the A/NZ region

It’s not often that you get complimented and when you do if you are like me it’s nice but you tend to not want to make a big thing about it. On this instance though I think it warrants puffing our chests out for a little while and feeling proud.

Last week engage digital were fortunate to receive an award from IBM that means a lot to us. We were awarded the IBM Customer Engagement Solutions, Business Partner of the Year 2015 for the A/NZ region.

What does that mean to myself and the team? It means a big thank you to all the great people who have supported us over the journey to date. It really is a team effort, and when I mean team I mean our great clients, our people, our partners, friends and families.

But primarily to our clients. A very big heartfelt thanks for your support and giving us the opportunity to work with all of you. For you I think this award helps us as we continue to develop our productive partnership with IBM, meaning we can continue to add more value that is above and beyond the call.

Thank you IBM. Thank you team. You are a great bunch of people to spend your days with. Thank you valued clients for helping us with our success!

If you’d like to learn more how engage digital can help your business with the IBM Marketing Cloud and IBM Analytics Cloud solutions please contact us.

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Engage Digital partners with Dotmailer, UK’s number one email marketing automation company

Dotmailer and Engage Digital announce strategic partnership

I’m often asked what is the best marketing automation platform? The truth is there is no single best solution. Rather, every solution has their place, for the right company, maturity levels, resources and needs. It’s with this in mind today Engage Digital (a MicroChannel company) is proud to announce we have become an official channel partner in Australia and the Asia Pacific region for Dotmailer, UK’s no.1 largest email marketing provider.

To partner with Dotmailer was an obvious choice – its ease-of-use and ease-of-integration is in complete alignment with our strategy to provide our customers with the best of breed in Marketing Automation. Not to mention we were very impressed with their innovative technology, constant drive to improve, superior workflow and unrivalled reputation as a market leader.

Dotmailer has been helping top brands run high-impact and highly personalised campaigns for over 15 years thanks to its simple but powerful email and cross-channel marketing automation solutions. Which is best described as “NASA technology with a Fisher Price ease of use” as its Co-founder Tink Taylor likes to remark. Indeed, their easy to use interface will allow you to easily create, automate, test and send emails in minutes, utilising transactional, behavioural and social insights to improve lead generation and conversion.

The technology also offers easy integration via plug-ins into all leading CRM and ecommerce platforms including Magento, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, enabling marketers to seamlessly track customer interaction. We are also pleased to mention that following a rigorous audit process, Dotmailer has recently been awarded Platinum status for Magento and is the first and only marketing platform to achieve this status globally.

We truly believe that this enhanced relationship will allow us to better respond to our customers’ different needs and provide greater opportunities for them by decreasing the time it takes them to complete some tasks and allow them to focus on other important marketing activities.

Headquartered in the UK, Dotmailer boasts more than 70,000 users in over 150 countries. Clients span numerous sectors and some notable names include BBC Worldwide, DHL, BP, Fujifilm, Reiss, Paperchase, Vax and World Duty Free.

If you’d like to learn more how Dotmailer can help your business and complement existing marketing technologies please contact us or check out Dotmailer’s best practice guide on how to get personal with your email and landing pages.

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The 4 best uses for Push Notifications in Mobile Marketing

Push notifications are different from SMS. Push notifications are brief messages sent to a smartphone from within a mobile application and are used to convey information to mobile app users. To receive push notifications, mobile app users don’t have to have your application open they just have to to be opted-in to push notifications in general.

These are the 4 best uses for Push Notifications inmobile marketing:

  1. Opting-in Mobile users have the ability to choose whether they will accept push notifications. Before anything else, you first need to convince your customers to accept push notifications from your application. Never send push notifications to someone who hasn’t opted in. It’s better to not use push notifications than to risk someone uninstalling your mobile application over one.
  2. Increasing Engagement Push notifications can be a smart way to increase engagement with your mobile app users. By regularly communicating things like tips, discounts and other relevant information, you can stay in contact with users, incentivise them to regularly visit your application and help to keep your organisation at thier front of mind. Keep your noifications short however. iOS devices require push notifications to be under 200 characters. Also, make sure your push notifications are time-zone dependent. You do not want to wake up users on the other side of the world about a big sale you’re having.
  3. Communicating Important Notifications Another primary use for push notifications is to send reminders or convey important information. These types of messages might include payment reminders, ‘ending soon’ messages, security warnings, etc. Emails can be easily lost or ignored, so if there is a short, important message push notifications are a great way to get in touch. You can help your app notifications stand out by using a custom sound. This is best for organisations that do not send push notifications very often though, as these can become annoying over time.
  4. Location-specific Information Geo-targeting is based off mobile application users, so push notifications play an important role in offering geographically-based messaging. These types of push notifications are activated based on a specific location or proximity to a location and will alert the customer when they arrive there. Geo-targeting is popular for persuading people to enter a brick and mortar location with discount offers, but there are many other possible uses for it. Incentivising in-person purchases can be a clever way to engage with customers who prefer not to purchase online, but might be more likely to redeem an offer in-store.

People have varied opinions about push notifications and many individuals choose not to allow them at all. This supports the case for careful, responsible use of them with strategic messaging that is relevant and respectful to users. Through smart use of this technology, marketers can leverage the unique opportunities push notifications provide for years to come.

If you would like to know more about the best uses for Push Notifications in mobile markting contact us today.

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3 basic rules for incorporating SMS into your marketing campaigns

SMS, or short message service, is text messaging. Harnessing this popular form of communication for marketing is an emerging way to engage with customers, but done wrong it can come across as intrusive and unwelcome. Striking the right balance is key to realising success with SMS.

If you’re looking for more detailed insight into incorporating SMS into your marketing campaigns – join us at Mobilise Your Marketing Forum on Wednesday 18 November. We have rallied some of Sydney’s elite mobility and customer experience experts to share their insights and deep knowledge on the five most essential aspects of mobile marketing – FIND OUT MORE.

Here are three basic rules to follow to ensure success with SMS:

  1. Leverage SMS as a supplementary channel

    SMS is best approached as a mobile-friendly communication channel that can supplement your other digital marketing efforts. Adding SMS to your mix of communication methods can increase the reach and relevance of your marketing messaging. “Nearly 100% of all devices on the market are SMS enabled, making it the mobile channel that offers the widest reach possible.” (1) The incredible reach of this platform makes it a useful way to ask users to engage with your campaign (for example, Text FREEBIE to #123123 for BOGO offers). This extensive reach also makes texting a great way to increase engagement with other channels. Offering short previews to future emails or new releases can build momentum early and boost engagement for another communication method.

  2. Keep it short and sweet

    Another important strength of SMS is its immediacy. People carry their phones with them everywhere now; “over 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt.” (1) You can reasonably assume that most outbound texts will be read immediately, so capitalise on that. Use SMS in situations where timing is crucial, a deadline is approaching, or you have a limited time offer. On the subject of timing, you should also be cognisant of the fact that mobile users are often multitasking or in situations with lots of distractions and little free time, so be concise. Save your longer information for a different marketing channel like email or link to the longer content so readers can choose to read it at their own discretion.

  3. Be honest and upfront

    SMS is also a comparatively intimate form of communication because phones are carried almost everywhere. Combine that with the fact that phones have evolved as a way to keep in contact with friends and family and you have a recipe for building trust… or the opposite.

    Let recipients know what to expect from your organisation when they opt-in. This prevents any misconceptions and they know upfront what they will get. This is somewhat similar to a newsletter opt-in, and should include the legally required information in addition to your average messaging frequency and what it will be about (for example: special offers, flash sales, exclusive deals). Purchase details (like a confirmation or shipping update) are great candidates for SMS because they keep the customer updated and a person would want to be kept aware of information on something that has already been purchased. By setting expectations in the beginning, you will build trust with recipients so your future communication is received positively.

Leveraging the unique strengths of SMS is key to incorporating texting into your marketing campaigns. Just like building any other campaign decide which methods of communication will have the greatest impact for your desired results. If there is a situation where you need extensive reach, there is a limited time offer (e.g. 20% off tomorrow only), or you want to send a quick reminder, SMS is a great supplementary option.

If you would like to know more about incorporating SMS into your mobile marketing strategy contact us today.


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